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What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Two Terms: Web Designers & Web Developers


Web design and Web Development are two terms that are often not used correctly. It is quite easy to use the general term of Web Design when referring to making of a website. The fact of the matter is that there are two kinds of websites. Websites which have simple textual content with no functionality are defined static sites. Such sites are usually made by Web Designers and not Web Developers. On the other hand websites that are more than just textual content, those that require administration of the content, as well as other features like photo gallery and news or testimonials are called dynamic websites and are termed as Web Development since they are made by web developers in India and other countries. But don’t be mistaken, a dynamic site has two phases to it one is layout building done by web designers and the other is functionally development done by web developers. This difference will become more obvious by the end of the article.

Responsive Web Design

Web design can be more clearly defined as the art of creating a website. Creativity is required in designing a layout / template that will take form as the face of your website and be judged by your visitors. All the graphical elements on the website are also the job a web designer who use tools like Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc to make them. Web designers are usually equipped with designing skills for many of the available design tools and familiar with the HTML technology enabling them to convert their design to website pages. In more simpler terms web design involves making of layout, navigation and selecting the colours of the site. They are concerned with the aesthetics of the site and the user experience but not the functionality.

Why responsive web design

Web development on the other had has more to do with programming and less to do with the look and feel of the website. All the functional elements on the site for example, a photo gallery, news section or testimonials or simply content with administration, and even login features are the job a web developer. The web developers are usually responsible for programming these features and then installing then on the website such that they blend in to the website design provided by the web designer. Web development involved the use of technologies like HTML, PHP, ASP.Net, etc. In addition to which dealing with data also comes under the web development term, since it is the web developers that program the site and link it to the database.


It must have become quite obvious from this article now that both web design and web development are important for the making of a website. Visitors usually go for that first impression, if they like what they see and it grabs their attention then you have them and they will return to your site. But that is not all they notice, they also appreciate a site with good functionality that works with out a glitch.


Web design and Web development are two very different terms used in reference with making of a website. Web design is more of the making of the layout / template and more to do with the visual element and almost nothing to do with the functionality. Web developement on the other hand is usually exclusively to do with the functionality of the website. However since both web design and web development are required for a complete website no one term can be used by itself while make of a site. This is rarely the case since the meaning is blurred as far as the lay man is concerned.

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