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Sam Mizrahi Design Build creating architectural symphonies

Sam Mizrahi Design build is one of prominent companies with strong commitment to provide complete design and construction services for all types of residential, commercial and other application. The company is proud to announce that Sam Mizrahi Toronto is the first and only ISO 9001 registered builder in Canada.

The designing experts with high-end creativity and intelligence bring your big dreams to amazing sky touching building designs. Good team of engineers, supervisors and constructions experts guarantee international standards in each and every aspect of every project.

Sam-MizrahiSam Mizrahi Design Build enjoys sound partnership with Tarion Warranty Corporation to protect the rights of regulating builders and new home builders. The company gives values and follows all the rules and regulations related with construction to create architectural symphonies under the sky with everlasting beauty, strength and perfection. For more details you can visit

Sam Mizrahi Design Build – Chairman’s role

Sam-Mizrahi development

Sam Mizrahi, being construction co-chairman is performing his role with full spirit and enthusiasm to take Sam Mizrahi Design Build to the top of victory stand. His vast knowledge and experience in the construction field and friendly approach toward the customers plays a great role in attracting the commercial and residential people with big dreams to the doorsteps of Sam Mizrahi Toronto. Chairman of Mizrahi Design Build focuses on building sound customer and client relation than making one time big profit from a project. His entrepreneurial ship and professional excellence as co-chairman can be evidenced in one of his masterpiece projects Forest Hill Jewish Centre. For more information, you can visit

The passion for creating architectural wonders never end. It just continues…

Sam Mizrahi Design Build – sky living

Sam Mizrahi Toronto

Sam Mizrahi has put its signature in design and construction field with its several sky touching projects. Sky touching buildings for restaurants and luxury hotels come with condos above 17th and 20th floors on each project. Every building or completed project tells the story of creative design and constructions skill in all of its aspects. Big dreams get the faces of reality with the nonstop and dedicated effort of Sam Mizrahi Toronto. Sam Mizrahi brings the convenience, comfort and surprise in sky living through its big budget projects. For more information, you can visit

With Sam Mizrahi Design Build, your dreams never end with the sky. It simply goes beyond that….

Sam Mizrahi Design Build – your real estate partner


Sam Mizrahi helps the investors and buyers in real estate in Toronto to experience the good faces of real estate market. With a good team of market researchers and real estate experts Sam Mizrahi Design Build help the people to buy beautiful and valuable Toronto loft, Toronto Condo or Toronto house. Real estate experts will work from the side of customer to find the house of condo of the dreams to add new style to the life of the people. Sam Mizrahi real estate help big budget investors to invest on large projects that bring amazing buildings under the sky to add something new to the meaning of construction wonders. For more information, you can visit

With Sam Mizrahi as real estate partner, you can start walking through the road of profit in the real estate market.

Sam Mizrahi Design Build – personalized living

Sam Mizrahi is simply exceeding the expectations of the clients and customers in personalized living projects. Sam Mizrahi experts meet the clients to have strong discussion about the needs, expectation, style and design of home. Next, the experts join hands with architects and engineers to develop the blueprints as per the client’s expectations. Once the client gives complete consent for the blueprint with 100% satisfied mind, then it is the time of construction experts to start with the project. Sam Mizrahi Toronto with strong dedication delivers personalized living projects with international standards in beauty and quality. For more information you can visit

Sam Mizrahi gives a touch of elegance and romance to the personalized living projects.

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