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Hollywood Decorations – Add Glitter And Glamour To The Venue

With Hollywood decoration, a themed party will seem to be a big bash in all senses. Glamour, glitz and elegance take the central attention at a Hollywood theme party celebration. Party hosts should have a creative mind and knowledge in all kinds of latest decoration props available in Hollywood party stores. Make use of bold colors, fancy decorations and right lighting to make an air of drama when party-goers walk through the entrance. Even though commercial decorations and props for Hollywood theme are easily found in fancy stores, using party host’s creativity allows decorate the venue inexpensively and add a personal touch to the theme as well. Beat the hearts of guests by hiring a professional photographer to take photos of party goers when they walk down the red carpet.

Movie Icons Super Pack Hanging Wall Cutouts

Movie Icons Super Pack Hanging Wall Cutouts – $6.99

Draw stars of various sizes on silver and gold wrapping paper and cut above the outlines using sharp scissors. Make a hole between the top of the star and increase the level of matching treat through each. Hang the stars over exterior and interior areas for added color.

One Dozen Gold Stars Gift Bags

One Dozen Gold Stars Gift Bags – $15.99

Draw big stars above gold foil wrapping paper to reflect a Hollywood’s Walk of Fame feel. Slice each star and affix it to black card stock cut to a square, to appear like a tile.

Walk of Fame Entryway Sparkle Curtain

Walk of Fame Entryway Sparkle Curtain – $7.99

On the basis of personal preference, set the tiles over the floors, hang them from the ceiling using fishing line or affix them to the wall. Make additional drama by writing the name of each guest over a star.

Set a hired fog machine close to the front door of the event or door of the dance room to alter in form for entertainment. Or else, draw metallic streamers and decorate throughout the room. Apply helium balloons in black, gold, and silver to occupy the roof or make a balloon arch at the entrance.

Hollywood Star Balloons

Hollywood Star Balloons – $7.99

Make a thematic centerpiece. Look at affixing over-sized movie posters to cardboard and let the guests poke their head for photos by making holes through the cutouts. Or else outline the alphabets for Hollywood on white card stock and cut them with sharp scissors. Affix the letters on a big rectangular cardboard piece poster and tape it to a wall or prop it on an exterior area for a photo op.

Director Cut Small Clapboard Paper Plates

Director Cut Small Clapboard Paper Plates – $4.99

Hang Christmas lights freely around the window frames, doors and other key elements for subtle lighting.

Hollywood nights plates 9 inches

Hollywood nights plates 9 inches – $5.99

Apply attractive and elegant tableware to heighten the appeal and glam of the venue. Set frosted cupcakes in a clear glass cake stands to embellish the buffet table.

Hollywood Movies Table Cloth

Hollywood Movies Table Cloth – $7.99

Distribute confetti loosely over the tables and shore up glittery gold frames on the refreshment table with black and white photos of Achievement Winners. Use a red runner to spread from the gate to the front door to make a red carpet entrance. There are many online party stores offering a wide range of Hollywood decorations at affordable price rates.

'Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner

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