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Customer Relationship: Needs Focus as an Ongoing Process

There was a time when the business gave the customer what they manufactured or produced and the customer accepted without much of a trouble. The changing market and increasing competition soon made, “customer, the king”. Today, businesses thrive with a key focus on customer requirements and expectations and delivering on the customer needs as fast and as closely as possible. The customer is becoming the crucial focus of all enterprise endeavors and undertakings. The businesses are becoming proactive to the customer needs rather than reactive and the enterprise is now more customer oriented and focused than ever. This ever increasing customer focus has led to the concept and idea of customer relationship management or CRM.

Customer Relationship Management: What is changing and new on the block?

CRM Block Diagram

The enterprise is now not looking at customers  not just as a source of money and business but as a long term association which will help reduce costs involved in customer acquisition, which are about 20 times more than retaining an existing customer. The business now needs a key focus on customer and often requires the guidance of experts at customer relationship management consulting to improve the existing system to reach out to its existing and new customers. The CRM focus helps the organization:

  • Bring together various departments like sales, services, support functions and technical support to customer on day-to-day basis
  • Engage in smarter technological undertakings that reduce response time to customer inquiries, questions or concerns
  • Have a collective database to access for all your customer’s past, present requirements and forecast the future needs
  • Engage in sales force automation so that each customer’s order can be tracked, updated and the progress monitored to be able to answer customer inquiries on the go, place orders, check the status of deliverables etc.
  • Engage in social media activities to reach out to customers and have viral marketing wherever possible for greater impact and response

Tip: Business and enterprise have to keep working on customer initiatives, and review or replace the customer related strategies.

Customer Relationship: An ongoing process    


The very fact that business is a perpetual entity makes the need to focus on the customer, an ongoing activity as well. Business has to keep a focus on customer and engage in CRM Strategy consulting time to time to review its current initiatives and develop new ones to engage customers, understand their needs, support their requirements and ensure customer delight and satisfaction. Customers are now aware of the power they have and are more than happy to experiment, therefore it needs increased rigor and energy to retain your customer and acquire new ones. Softwares today are a great help to maintain a customer database, sales, requirements etc which are all updated in real time and are a powerful tool to analyze and predict customer needs and company’s expected numbers.

Summary: The software has enabled enterprises to forecast the customer requirements, answer customer queries faster and become more proactive rather than reactive to its customers which is helping to build customer trust.

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